First contact

First-Contact-with-Aliens-2015--123711Limerick, we have lift off!                                                                 The virtual team project has begun in earnest. Having emailed all our international colleagues to introduce ourselves and get the ball rolling, my team-mate and I have now received responses from everybody involved. So far, everyone seems very enthusiastic about the venture and suggestions already abound regarding the subject matter for the instructional document as well as what platform we should use to work collaboratively. In their 2015 research paper on virtual teams Yvonne Cleary, Darina Slattery, Madyn Flammia and Patricia Minacori highlight the importance of technologies that enable ‘synchronous communication’, online discussion forums etc. which facilitate cooperation on specific tasks. With this in mind, it is likely that our group will use Sulis (Sakai) along with other technologies such as skype etc. to ensure that we optimise our opportunities for unimpeded, clear communication.

We have tentatively begun to address the issue of which of us should take on a leadership role for the project and what other roles might be needed for the completion of the document. Everyone involved seems to have a healthy awareness of the scope and limitations of the project and all suggestions appear, at this stage, to be manageable and relevant.

It will be a challenge to devise a set of non-derivative instructions for, what will perhaps turn out to be, a commonplace technical device or application. Time differences between team-mates are going to take some getting used to, however, if this genial, spirited atmosphere continues, there shouldn’t be any reason why this project wouldn’t progress very well.

Stay tuned for updates on my life as an illustrious,international technical communicator!


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